President: Steven Meredith


First Vice-President: David Johnson

Second Vice-President: Todd Prater

Secretary: Nic Glass

Treasurer: Ashley Dumas

Asst. Treasurer: Erin Nelson

Alabama Historical Commission Representative: Meghan Buchanan

Web Editor and Photo Archivist: Clay Nelson

Newsletter Editor (Stones and Bones): Teresa Paglione

Assistant Newsletter Editor: Mark Cole

Journal of Alabama Archaeology:

Editor: Heather Puckett

Assistant Editors: Ashely Dumas, Steven Meredith, Sara Price, and Greg Waselkov

Board at Large (Expiring 2023):

Camille Morgan

Lauren Downs

Annie Blankenship

Board at Large (Expiring 2022):

Stacye Hathorn

Mark Cole

Linda Derry

Board at Large (Expiring 2021):

Daniel Rhodes

Todd Prater

Chapter Presidents:

Send Physical Correspondence to:

AAS Treasurer, UWA Station 22, Livingston, AL 35470