Journal of Alabama Archaeology

Since 1955, the Alabama Archaeological Society has published articles on the archaeology of Alabama and surrounding regions in the Journal of Alabama Archaeology (JAA). Alfred Craig and David Knudson served as co-editors until 1960, producing mimeographed issues twice a year. During these early years, the JAA frequently was the place where members could share descriptions of interesting sites and collections, unusual artifacts, and general topics in archaeology. The origins and dates for the appearance of “early man” in the Southeast were popular subjects. When David L. DeJarnette became Editor in 1960, he continued to print articles largely by amateurs, but he upgraded the appearance of the journal to the format still recognizable today (Knight in JAA 52:1-2, 2006). In the 1970’s and 1980’s, as archaeology expanded as a full-time discipline and matured in its own method and theory, the number of professional archaeological projects in the State exploded. The JAA became one way by which the results of these projects could be shared with everyone. Eugene Futato succeeded DeJarnette as Editor in 1977 and continued in this position until 2010. The last issue edited by Eugene was Volume 54, Issue 1, 2008.  He was succeeded, in turn, by Dr. Ashley Dumas (2011-2014) and Dr. Keith Little (2015-2016).
The Journal of Alabama Archaeology remains the primary forum for the publication of papers on the prehistoric and historic archaeology of Alabama, however papers on related topics in the Southeast are welcome. Papers from students, amateur, and professional archaeologists are solicited. The JAA generally has one volume per year, published as a June issue and a December issue, although these may be published together given time or budgetary restraints.
All submitted papers are subject to editorial review. Peer review is available upon request and, if the paper is accepted, it will be published with a notice of having been peer-reviewed. Short pieces on unusual or unidentified artifacts; updates on ongoing excavations; and brief newsworthy items should be submitted to “Stones and Bones,” the AAS’ newsletter. Please contact the Editor or Assistant Editors if you would like to read a current publication in archaeology and write a review for the JAA.
The current editor is Robert Perry, who can be contacted at the following address:
PO Box 861
Pell City, Alabama 35125
Assistant Editors for 2017 are: Kim Pyszka, Matt Grunewald, and Melissa King