Stones and Bones Newsletter

WEB EDITOR’S NOTE:** This page is currently under construction, but has been put online as a resource to members. Please be patient as links are constructed.  Issues are currently listed chronologically.  Eventually, links will be consolidated by year and the appearance of the page improved. As of 6March2018, all available issues of the BAS newsletter on now online.  Past issues that have been scanned are due to the efforts of Eugene Futato, and represent the issues available at Moundville.If you have a copy of a past issue that is not shown online, please contact me. **

Past issues of the Stones and Bones, the newsletter of the Alabama Archaeological Society are presented below, as are issues of the Birmingham Anthropological Society newsletter - the precursor to what eventually became the Birmingham Chapter of the Alabama Archaeological Society.

Please note that these documents should be considered historical artifacts of the time in which they were produced, and they reflect the evolving nature of the society over time - as well as changing attitudes towards Native Americans and archaeological resources.  The early issues of the Stones and Bones do not necessarily reflect the current views of the Alabama Archaeological Society, nor its Board of Directors.

Birmingham Anthropological Society Newsletters (1956-1958):

Stones and Bones (1959-2017) - CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION